Cyber Security Series 1

Started on July 1, 2019

About The Series

This 3 part series is designed for learners from beginner to advance level to gain the essential knowledge and expertise in network security and forensics needed for cybersecurity in enterprise environments.

What You Will Learn

      •   How to perform digital forensic analysis of cybercrime by gathering information on the nature and extent of the attack for        presentation in a court of law, as well as assessing the extent of the damage to an organisation;
      •   How to setup and secure basic computer systems and networks
      •   Techniques of risk analysis
      •   Risk assessment and vulnerability assessment
      •   To practice cybersecurity skills in real world scenarios

Learner Levels:

      •   Beginner
      •   Intermediate
      •   Advanced

Interactive Learning Experience

You’ll learn through readings, videos, graded assignments, real-world applied projects, and live global classroom sessions.