Embracing for Impact of Industry 4.0

How to Pick the Right Digital Skills for Your Organistation

Build Champions

Implementing change in the industry depends first on getting employees to embrace the changes. That process starts by developing “change champions” who are ready to embrace innovation and have the ability to influence others in their networks to adopt transformation.

Engagement Skills

As industries drive towards lean, high-technology environments, it’s critical to have a highly engaged workers who take ownership over their work and can quickly solve problems. Many manufacturing companies have no idea how to solve the engagement problem.

Seed for Learning

Focus less on skills and experience, and instead look for individuals who demonstrate strength in agility, continuous learning, interpersonal communication, and proactive problem-solving skills. ensure that these skills are either already present or developed in their leaders.

Learning Journeys

A purposeful learning journey combining face-to-face learning with online learning that helps hone on-the-job-skills can help manufacturers achieve more consistency in their leadership. This learning should be spread out over a specific time frame to avoid overwhelming participants

To make the latest technology pay off, you’ve got to develop the talent and skills of your workforce.

In today’s global environment, sustainability and competitive advantage of companies depend mostly on their capability of adaptation to changing business requirements. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, driving from the advancements in new digital technologies known collectively as Industry 4.0, has been profoundly changing dynamics of most industries. Automation of business processes together with emergence of novel business models impose new digital skill requirements for workforce. Creating future workforce involves not only attracting and developing new talent needed, but also re-skilling current employees through training programs as well as re-designing work processes for reducing the skill mismatch between jobs and employees. Be part of this inevitable revolution.