Our Aligned Approach

We are a group of companies that does DNA hacking of a business to develop and implement growth strategies. Our service provides opportunities for companies to tap on digital innovation and transformation strategies in identifying their opportunities, gap in their existing marketing and the next big thing for Industrial Revolution 4.0. With these they are able to ride and lead the growth wave in their industry. In short we're rocket fuel for your companies digital transformation initiatives.


As a company of leading-edge technology we’ve always been ambitious. It is our vision to continue to grow in the e-learning and education market and capture 1 million learners by 2022.

 Dominate the South East Asia market for training and education 

 Capture a learner for life

 Establish a worldwide network for online vocational training



Our Methodological Approach


Increase Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers means understanding what makes your customers tick. A successful company should have a continuous flow with leads and prospects. They should also close the gap of leaving money on the table.


Optimize Customer Activation

Having traction and visitors is good. But, what you really want is to put a name, (or email address) behind every click. Educating and nurturing visitors, prospects and clients are the way forward.


Improve Customer Retention

Acquisition and activation mean nothing if people don’t stick to your product or service. This is one of the most vital factors if you want to achieve sustainable growth. Retention is the essence of growth hacking.


Generate More Revenue

People who pay for using your product or service are those that put the real fuel to your company’s growth. Increasing MRR and finding new revenue streams is part of the Growth Hacking Mindset needed in your organization.