Entrepreneurship Series 1

Started on July 1, 2019

About The Series

This 3 part series is deigned to provide you with inspiration to explore an entrepreneurial path and tools to overcome the initial challenges of building a business. From developing new business ideas and doing market research to designing and testing your offering and pitching, this course follows entrepreneurship that leverages lean methodologies, and design thinking.


What You Will Learn

      •  Defining your goals as an entrepreneur and startup
      •  Identifying business opportunities
      •  Performing market research and choosing your target customer
      •  Designing and testing your offering
      •  Planning your business logistics, plus pitching and selling to customers


Learner Levels:

      •   Beginner
      •   Intermediate
      •   Advanced


Interactive Learning Experience

You’ll learn through readings, videos, graded assignments, real-world applied projects, and live global classroom sessions.